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Pulsed Field Magnetometers apply a “pulse” of magnetic field to generate the applied magnetic field.  This has the advantage that the field can be strong enough to saturate any magnetic material.

They can also give operators full-loop measurement of any magnetic material if required.

PFM’s solve the issue of eddy currents by accepting that there will be eddy currents induced in the sample, but by quantifying and correcting the effects of eddy currents the difficulty disappears.

This correction process is very accurate and contributes greatly to the quality control benefits offered by PFM through this technological innovation.

Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd.  work on overcoming the issues of eddy current in PFM has resulted in the technology being patented to protect its importance to the company.

In addition, the PFM provides added versatility in that it can process a large dynamic range of samples and can accept large samples in the final application shape.

PFM’s also measure very rapidly. A single sample can be measured and have all the effects of eddy currents corrected within 1 second depending on the machine model.