* Hall Effect Sensors
* Teslameter


* Detailed product description

Hall Effect Sensors

The Hall Effect devices offer the smallest sensing area and are able to measure a wide range of field values appropriate for field mapping, magnet field control, magnetic sensor calibration and permanent magnet quality control.

(See Gaussmeter for further explanation on the principle behind the Hall Effect probes and sensors)

Group3’s DTM use linearisation and temperature correction techniques to overcome inherent problems of standard Hall Effect probes. Each unit is individually calibrated using multiple field values and temperature ranges and is stored within the probe itself. This enables the probes to be interchanged without recalibration.

The Teslameter uses the sensor data to make very accurate digital field readings.

Sensors can be fixed or flexible and are either axial, transverse or 3-axis with cable lengths from 2 to 30 metres. It is recommended that for longer cables lengths that shielded probe cable is used.


A range of models with differing specifications is available which are particularly suitable for permanent installations.

Special attention has been paid to circuit and software design to ensure completely reliable operation in electrically noisy environments.

The two interfacing options are IEEE-488 or RS-232C.

The serial interface includes a fibre optic port to enable operation of the DTM at high voltage with respect to the host computer.