Permeameters (Hysteresisgraph or Permeagraph)

APR (automatic Recordig Permeameter)

APR (automatic Recordig Permeameters) use a closed loop form of magnetic measurement.  Due to the fact Permeameters use steel pole pieces in the process the field is limited to approx. 2.4 Tesla.

As the sample must be in good contact with the pole pieces, the shape and size of samples to be measured is limited to simple shapes such as cylinders.

It is typical to use an Integrating Fluxmeter for detecting sample’s magnetisation in the Permeameter system.  This does pose a problem, as the applied field must be dynamic so the Integrating Fluxmeter can detect it.

If the rate of change of the applied field is too high, eddy currents will be induced in the sample and even worse in the highly conductive pole pieces.  If the rate of change is too slow, the Fluxmeter may drift and this could affect the measurement signal.

It is therefore important to have Integrating Fluxmeters with a very good drift performance for use in the Permeameter.


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