A Helmholtz Coil

Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd can design and manufacture custom magnetising and demagnetising coils, or fixtures as they are generally known, to suit any particular application.  Many of our fixtures are manufactured as part of a magnetising or demagnetising system.

We can design and build standard solenoid fixtures as well as complex multipole, radial, skewed, Halbach and other special configuration fixtures.

Custom fixtures may also contain embedded search coils to be connected to a Hirst Integrating Fluxmeter as part of a quality control or magnet calibration system.

Helmholtz Coils are a special type of fixture consisting of 2 parallel coils.  The volume between the coils provides a very uniform magnetic field.

Hirst Magnetic Instruments also supply a range of Electromagnets for the production of static or slowly changing magnetic fields. These are driven by DC or AC electrical supplies which can also be supplied by Hirst.


Turnkey solutions diagram
Our approach objective is simple, total customer satisfaction. From initial consultation, through the design phase to manufacture and supply, Hirst will effectively manage the whole process making your “turnkey solution” a reality.
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