Hirst is awarded the Smart award from Small Business Service

Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd. have recently been awarded a Smart award from the Small Business Service to pursue the industrialisation of its Pulse Field Magnetometry PFM.  This follows the successful conclusion of the European Community part funded project to investigate the application of the technique for 100% production testing of magnets including rare earth magnets.

Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd.  have recently supplied a number of machines for industrial applications.  The first magnetises DC motors which have been fully assembled, which makes assembly of the motor much easier.  The second is to bowl feed small magnets (2x2x4mm), magnetise them, 100% check and place them into plastic assembly at a rate of 1 every 4 seconds.

Hirst has also recently supplied a small electromagnet and measuring system to a University for students to study the effects of magnetic material in a changing field.