Hirst Magnetics building and offices

The engineers at Hirst have a wealth of experience in solving magnetic related problems.  This not only requires great knowledge of the properties of magnets, but also knowledge of techniques to generate magnetic fields.  Techniques for the measurement of magnetic fields from both magnets and electromagnets are also within the range of skills of our engineers.

Some of our employees have been with Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd. for over 25 years and have gained a weath of magnetic application technology.  All of the instruments and equipment supplied by Hirst are designed and manufactured by our employees.  This ranges from the design of the electronic boards and software programming, to the high power electrical gear and the mechanical hardware.

The engineers at Hirst are multi skilled in very high voltage electrics, electronics, software programming, and machine control.

All of the fixtures, coils and electromagnets that are supplied by Hirst are designed, wound and potted within our factory by our skilled technicians.

The company has also been represented by committee members of the UK Magnetics Society, British Standards Institue (Bsi), The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as well as leading and being part of European Research programmes.

The mechanical expertise at Hirst include: general mechanics, pneumatic actuation, motor control and conveying systems.