MD Series Demagnetiser

Loading options

Hirst's demagnetiser systems are avaiable with a number of loading options. The various typical configurations are described below. Please note if you do not see what you require then just ask! We manufacture systems to your requirments, so if you have specific loading and handling requirments we would be happy to discuss these with you.

Manual loading

The most basic system is manualy loaded and unloaded. The operator would load the part to be demagnetised into a fixture and press the start button on the demagnetiser unit.

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System shown is a MCSD100J

Conveyor systems

Conveyor systems are ideal for integration into existing production lines. Typicaly the parts would be loaded or fall onto the start of the conveyor and be carried into the demagnetisation fixture. A "magic eye" senses the part is at the correct position and initates the demagnetisaiton pulse. Additional "magic eyes" can be added to stop the system if the conveyor belt is not emptied or to fit in with an existing production flow. Click for MCSD Series Demagnetiser Information

Picture shown is a MD500J fitted to a custom conveyor system designed to integrate with a customers production line.

Tray systems

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The system shown above is a custom MD1kJ series demagnetiser designed to take trays of parts. The rollers assist the insertion and removal of the trays.

Interface ports

The interface ports of the MCSD and MD series are suitable for integration in mechanical handling systems where the parts to be magnetised are fed to the fixture by means of an appropriate loading and unloading system and a fully automated system can be developed.

Various I/O options are avaiable and include 12 or 24v DC logic, 110 or 240v AC logic and RS232 ports. The exact format of any interface port fitted is designed to meet the customers requirments.

Hirst Magnetic Instruments design and build mechanical handling systems specifically to interfacing with the MCSD or MD series of demagnetiser systems.

To help choose the best solution for your requirements, please complete the on-line questionnaire via our website and we will advise you which units will be appropriate for your circumstances.  Alternatively contact us via e-mail, phone or fax.


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Our approach objective is simple, total customer satisfaction. From initial consultation, through the design phase to manufacture and supply, Hirst will effectively manage the whole process making your "turnkey solution" a reality.
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MCSD Series Demagnetiser

The ideal general purpose machine where the ability to magnetise and demagnetise from a single unit is requiredClick to view product information on the MCSD Series Demagnetiser
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MD Series Demagnetiser

The MD range of demagnetisers is fully microprocessor controlledClick to view product information on the MD Series Demagnetiser
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AC Demagnetiser

Suitable for small, low field demagnetisationClick to view product information on the AC Demagnetiser
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PDM Precision Demagnetiser

Are used to achieve very accurate demagnetisation. Click to view product information on the PDM Precision Demagnetiser


To help us provide the best solution for your demagnetising application, we have prepared a short on-line questionnaire. Please view this questionnaire to enable us to provide a quick response to your requirements.
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