MD Series Demagnetiser


Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd. design and manufacture demagnetising systems capable of reducing the existing flux in magnets, ferrous material, magnet housings and equipment.

Hirst’s range of easy to use demagnetising systems offers flexibility and control at both high and low production rates. They can be supplied for manual operation, with suitable PLC interface controls or integrated with other Hirst products.

Models are available in each range suitable for demagnetising permanent magnets or ferrous material.

Demagnetising materials, (or degaussing or deperming as it is also known), plays a vital role in the flow of work of many industrial processes around the world.

Components may become magnetised as part of the production process or are supplied magnetised (intentionally or otherwise). They often need to be demagnetised to avoid production problems, to make handling easier or to recycle components.

It is therefore necessary to remove, or greatly reduce this unwanted magnetism.

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Our approach objective is simple, total customer satisfaction. From initial consultation, through the design phase to manufacture and supply, Hirst will effectively manage the whole process making your "turnkey solution" a reality.
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MCSD Series Demagnetiser

The ideal general purpose machine where the ability to magnetise and demagnetise from a single unit is requiredClick to view product information on the MCSD Series Demagnetiser
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MD Series Demagnetiser

The MD range of demagnetisers is fully microprocessor controlledClick to view product information on the MD Series Demagnetiser
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AC Demagnetiser

Suitable for small, low field demagnetisationClick to view product information on the AC Demagnetiser
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PDM Precision Demagnetiser

Are used to achieve very accurate demagnetisation. Click to view product information on the PDM Precision Demagnetiser


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