Reference magnets
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Detailed Information

Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd. manufacture Reference Magnets which provide a stable and convenient method to verify the accuracy and calibration of Hall Effect Probes Gaussmeters and Teslameters.

Each Reference Magnet is self-shielded to minimise the effects of external magnetic fields.  For maximum accuracy the Gauss value of the Reference Magnet and the field to be measured should be on the same meter range and approximately the same value.
All Reference Magnet Certifications are traceable to the National Institute of Science and Technology.

Each magnet is stabilised by the application of temperature cycling and controlled demagnetisation from saturation during the manufacturing process.  This process produces Reference Magnets with exceptional long term stability.

Reference Magnets will retain their initial accuracy over the temperature range of 0°C to 40°C.  The reference value given for each magnet is at ambient temperature expressed in degrees C. The magnetic field value will change 0.02%/C, but will return to its reference value provided that the ambient temperature does not go beyond the specified range.

Reference Magnets with values below 1000 Gauss (.10 Tesla) will be unaffected by ambient magnetic fields less than 100 Gauss (.01 Tesla). Magnets with values above 1000 Gauss will tolerate ambient fields up to 200 Gauss.

A Zero – Field Chamber is available which allows probes to be placed in a low field environment for easy meter zeroing.  The chamber has a single end opening with a diameter of 12.7mm.
Reference Magnets are available for both Axial and Transverse Hall Effect Probes.

Reference Magnets with different values can be provided for specific applications..

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