The following short questionnaire has been prepared to help us understand your requirements for magnetising.

Please answer as many of the questions as are appropriate and forward the answers to us using the link below.  Alternatively send an e-mail with details of your application or contact our sales office.


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  1. What type of magnetic material needs magnetising?
  2. Is the magnetic material to be magnetised as individual magnets or within an assembly?

    If the magnet is within an assembley then please provide the assembley dimensions below and also in the other information box can you provide details of the magnet within the assembley (location, size etc).

  3. What are are the dimensions of the magnet/assembly?
    Height: Width: Depth:

  4. What units are those dimensions?

  5. Is a simple North/South magnetisation pattern required?
  6. If No, what type of pattern is required? See Magnetisers/Overview/The Magnetising Process page for a description of various magnetising patterns.
  7. If Yes, what direction is the magnetisation axis

  8. Is the magnetic material to be saturated only, or saturated and set (or knocked back) to a specific level?
  9. Is measurement of the magnetising process/final magnetic strength required?
  10. How many magnets or assemblies need to be magnetised per hour/per day/per month?
  11. Is the magnetising process to be integrated with other equipment?
  12. Is automatic handling of the magnetic material/assembly required?
  13. Please enter any additional information that you may feel is relevant in the box below:

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