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SMART Magnetising Fixtures enable the peak magnetising energy for applications requiring high energies to be reduced by between 80-90%.  This provides significant reductions in magnetising system capital cost and offers major reduction in operating overhead costs.

By switching discharge paths, the SMART Magnetising Fixture can produce a “step and repeat” process that enables the required magnetisation to be built up with multiple magnetising pulses.

The peak energy required for the individual pulses can be much lower than required in a single magnetisation.  As the peak energy is directly related to the cost of conventional high energy magnetising applications, significant cost reductions can be achieved.

SMART Magnetising Fixtures are suitable for both multi-pole and bipolar magnet applications.

SMART Fixtures are compatible with most Hirst Magnetic Instrument Ltd. magnetisers.


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MCSD Series Magnetiser

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MCD Series Magnetiser

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MC Series Magnetiser

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M Series Magnetiser

Magnetisers from this range are best suited for low to medium production ratesClick to view product information on the M Series Magnetiser


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