Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd.  offers a calibration service for instruments and equipment manufactured by Hirst and many other manufacturers.

In the case of instruments manufactured by Hirst, they are “calibrated” so that their performance meets its specification (i.e. in 1 Tesla – the Gaussmeter reads 1 Tesla within the stated accuracy).

Instruments from non-Hirst manufacturers, are calibrated by subjecting them to known magnetic field strengths, or flux, and a calibration table is produced showing the instrument’s performance.

Hall Probes should accompany instruments sent to Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd.  for calibration where applicable.

Calibration Standards

All Hirst’s magnetic instruments and probes are calibrated to standards traceable to the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

During manufacture, the accuracy of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is used to determine the irregularities and non-conformities of the equipment including Hall Probes.  This information is stored and used mathematically to automatically correct readings taken by the instrument making it extremely accurate.

Hirst Magnetic Instruments also offers UKAS and NAMAS calibration services.  These services do attract an additional cost.

Recalibration Frequency

It is recommended that to ensure accuracy and quality control on the work that you do that your measuring equipment should be presented annually to Hirst for recalibration.  This reconfirms it's accuracy and gives owners reassurance that the equipment is giving accurate measurements.

Recalibration of instruments is particularly important and relevant for companies registered as ISO quality providers.


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In the unlikely event of an equipment failure, we also provide a repair service.  Ideally the unit is returned to our premises, but on site repair can also be performed.  We have a number of demonstration models which can be loaned out during a repair.

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We also offer a maintenance facility for our magnetisers, de-magnetisers and characterisation equipment.  Our equipment is often used for many years in high volume manufacture. Inevitably mechanical parts will wear or the surface of fixtures may become damaged or badly worn to the extent of exposure of windings creating a dangerous operating condition.  We can offer a one off or routine maintenance service.

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