Due to the nature of the magnetising process and the flexibility of our machines, it is not uncommon to find machines up to 20 years old (or more) still in operation.

Many of the magnetising fixtures are in contact with the components being magnetised and therefore a certain amount of mechanical wear will be experienced.  Although the windings of most of our fixtures are encased in epoxy resin, the resin can over time be worn away to reveal exposed and dangerous windings.

Other mechanical components can also suffer from repeated operation when the machines are in production for such long periods.

Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd. offer a one off or routine maintenance facility, specifically tailored to our customers requirements.


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We offer an extensive calibration facility, in particular for Gaussmeters and Hall Probes which should be calibrated on an annual basis.  Calibration can also be performed on non standard Hirst equipment and 3rd party equipment.

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In the unlikely event of an equipment failure, we also provide a repair service.  Ideally the unit is returned to our premises, but on site repair can also be performed.  We have a number of demonstration models which can be loaned out during a repair.

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