The majority of Hirst's equipment operates for many years without the need for maintenance or repair.  However as with any machine with electrical or mechanical components machines will occasionally need repair.

Hirst offer a repair service for its full range of magnetisers, de-magnetiser, instruments and special systems.

Usually the equipment is sent back to our factory in Falmouth, Cornwall for repair.  This allows us to give the machine a full test prior to return using our extensive range of in-house test equipment.  If this is not possible then we can visit our customers premises to make the appropriate diagnoses and repair.

Although we often have stocks of components for our ranges of machines, there will inevitably be some occasions where we need to purchase parts which may be on a long delivery.  For these occasions, or where a continuous production process is required, we have a number of demonstration units which we can loan to customers during the repair period.


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We offer an extensive calibration facility, in particular for Gaussmeters and Hall Probes which should be calibrated on an annual basis.  Calibration can also be performed on non standard Hirst equipment and 3rd party equipment.

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We also offer a maintenance facility for our magnetisers, de-magnetisers and characterisation equipment.  Our equipment is often used for many years in high volume manufacture.   Inevitably mechanical parts will wear or the surface of fixtures may become damaged or badly worn to the extent of exposure of windings creating a dangerous operating condition.  We can offer a one off or routine maintenance service.

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